Shared Interest Groups

Groups based on interests and affiliations, Shared Interest Groups, are a strong part of Columbia's network. Below you may find highlights from our most active groups. Click here for the full growing list of interest groups to see how you can become involved.

Asian Columbia Alumni Association (ACAA)

ACAA is a non-profit organization formed by a group of alumni from all schools of Columbia University in 1995. As an alumni organization, ACAA is intent in addressing the needs of Asian alumni and current students from all schools of Columbia University.

Black Alumni Council (BAC)

The Black Alumni Council of Columbia University (BAC) is an organization of current and future black alumni dedicated to bolstering the professional and social lives of its members and providing support for the black alumni community.

Columbia Pride (LGBTQ)

Columbia Pride's mission is to build community among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) alumni of all schools of Columbia; foster a safe environment and community for LGBTQ students; and promote understanding.

Columbia Fiction Foundry

The Columbia Fiction Foundry is a forum for alumni dedicated to enhancing their creative writing skills and to being published commercially. At a monthly session, members review and critique writing samples and submissions; there are often guest speakers or other areas of focus as well.

Columbia Venture Community (CVC)

Columbia Venture Community (CVC) is a private community for Columbia students, alumni, and employees interested in all aspects entrepreneurship. The group welcomes members from any school, sector, or industry function (e.g., entrepreneur, VC, lawyer, etc.).

Latino Alumni Association of Columbia University

The Latino Alumni Association of Columbia University (LAACU) exists to support, promote, and channel the academic, social, professional, and developmental interests of Columbia's Latino community, both past and present.

For more information about Shared Interest Groups (SIG) or if you have an idea for a new group please contact Genna Farley, Assistant Director, Shared Interest Groups at [email protected]